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LevALERT Model 9700-7 Premium Grain Gauge Bin Monitor | 7" Activator Made in the USA

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LevALERT 9700-7 Product Manual:
9700-7 Product Manual
LevALERT 9700-7 Brochure:
9700-7 Brochure

LevALERT Model 9700-7 | Premium Grain Gauge Bin Monitor | 7" Activator

- Grain Bin Level Monitor - Level Indicator 


Model 9700-7 Level Indicator Monitor  : Use the 7” model for use with light weight materials such as:

  • Corn
  • Oats
  • Sunflowers
  • Ground Feeds
  • Grass Seeds


  • 10-55 lbs. per cubic foot tolerance
  • Installs on outside of bin, corrugated or flat wall bin styles up to 3/8" in thickness
  • Operates effectively at temperatures between +180F (82C) to -30F (-35C).
  • 5 Year Warranty on Bin Level Indicators


  • Easy Installation: Fully assembled and ready to install from outside your bin
  • High Visibility: Can be easily seen from 300 feet, day or night
  • No Electricity Required: Completely mechanical
  • Increased Safety: Virtually eliminates the need to climb bins to check levels
  • A Money Saver: Saves you time, labor and money

Create Safety & Efficiency:levalert-indicator.png

Why Climb? Monitoring bin levels has never been this fast and easy! In just one glance, you can instantly see if the granular material in your bin is above or below the level of the LevALERT® Indicator, all while keeping both feet safely on the ground. Climbing bin ladders not only is time consuming but dangerous for both you and your employees.

Just look for the large black diamond and if the granular material is at or above the level of the LevALERT it will show a bright Yellow color. If the material is below the LevALERT it will show a black color. Simple, fast and easy!

The yellow color in the Indicator is made using a 3M brand lemon yellow reflective film that is highly visible from well over 300 feet during daytime. And at night, simply use a flashlight and the reflective yellow shines bright!

Determine Key Levels

You can install the LevALERT® Indicator anywhere along a vertical wall section at critical “Key” levels important to you. Such as an upper level to alert you when the bin is full or at low level to alert you that the bin is empty.


Many times it is more important to know a certain level in advance of full or empty, such as a "1 truck load before full" level to create lead time for your next move. Or for lower levels the “2 days left of feed” level giving you advance warning before you run out.

On bins that are filled and emptied more frequently, consider installing multiple LevALERT units at mid point levels. LevALERT® Indicator is an affordable way to keep in constant touch with your inventory.















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