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Dura Buttress to NPT Adapter 2″ x 2″ | DP-A4001

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DEF Accessories and IBC/Cage Tote Diagrams:
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Dura Buttress to NPT Adapter 2″ x 2″ | DP-A4001

Buttress to NPT Adapter.

Many drums and lids for IBC Totes come with a buttress thread opening.  The problem is that the “buttress” thread doesn’t fit most standard pumps. This buttress adaptor solves that problem. The Buttress to NPT Adaptor 2″ x 2″ will thread into the buttress thread on your drum or IBC Tote lid and adapt to a 2” female NPT thread that you can use to connect standard pumps such as a Dura-Pump™.


  • 2" x 2" Size
  • Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Accessory
  • The buttress adapter is designed to convert buttress bung into NPT bung on selected drums. It is designed to provide exceptional sealing performance and is a suitable accessory for the applicator tank.
  • The NPT adapter is made from durable materials. It has excellent resistance to heat, UV exposure, and aging. It is resistant to harsh weather conditions which makes it fit for outdoor applications.
  • This tank accessory is precisely molded high-density adapter that can fit faucets and other equipment in a plastic drum with buttress thread bung opening. This adapter has a male buttress thread to thread into the buttress thread on a drum.
  • The hydraulic pump fitting finds its application in adapting bungs for piston drum pumps in industrial and commercial settings.

Don’t know what thread you have on your drums? Here is how you tell the difference between buttress and NPT threads:

  • A way to distinguish between NPT and Buttress threads is by their appearance. Buttress threads have a thread where there the lines are spaced further apart making them look more coarse. So they are sometimes called “coarse threads”. NPT, by contrast, has threads much closer together so they are often referred to as “fine threads”.



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