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Greenleaf TurboDrop® Variable Rate Nozzle, Blue-Light Blue | TDVR03

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GreenLeaf TDVR03 Technical Sheet:
GreenLeaf Approved Nozzles for New Auxin Formulations:
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Greenleaf TurboDrop® Variable Rate Nozzle | TDVR03

TurboDrop® Variable Rate Nozzle The TurboDrop® Variable Rate (TDVR) provides a wider flow range than conventional nozzles to allow for different application rates or greater speed variation. 40-140 psi overall pressure range. 3x flow rate range. Polyacetal, stainless steel, EPDM construction


  • Material: Polyacetal, stainless steel, EPDM construction.
  • Flow Rate @ 40PSI : .33gpm
  • Pressure Range: 40-140PSI
  • Pattern: Fan
  • Common Use: PGRs, Defoliants, Pesticides, Fertilizer

EPDM: An excellent choice for a wide range of chemicals at the most affordable direction.

  • Advantages: Excellent resistance to heat; ozone and sunlight; very good flexibility at low temperatures; good resistance to alkalis, acids and oxygenated solvents; superior resistance to water and steam; excellent color stability.
  • Limitations: Poor resistance to oil; gasoline and hydrocarbon solvents; adhesion to fabrics and metal is poor.
  • Temperature Rating: -6°F to 300°F