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Greenleaf TurboDrop® Variable Rate Hose Barb Nozzle | TDVRHB02

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Greenleaf Approved Nozzles for New Auxin Formulations | TDVRHB02:
Approved Nozzles for New Auxin Formulations | TDVRHB02

TurboDrop® Variable Rate Hose Barb Nozzle

TurboDrop® Asymmetric DualFan Nozzle for Agriculture (TADF)

Wide Pressure Range: 20-120psi
Wide Drift Control Range: Sizes 015-02: 20-50 psi
Sizes 025-04: 20-60 psi
Size 05: 20-70 psi
Sizes 06/08: 20-80 psi
Size 10: 20-100 psi
Separate Injector (Venturi) Comes apart by hand, easy to clean (no tools required).
Patented Stabilization Chamber Even and uniform mixing of air with liquid which gives a tighter, more uniform droplet spectrum and a homogeneous spray solution across a wide operating range.
Excellent With Rate Controllers Wide pressure range allows greatest speed variations.
Improved Coverage, Reduced Runoff Air-filled droplets spread on the target surface rather than bouncing off.
Reduced Clogging One metering orifice versus two with other twin fan nozzles.
Interchangeable Tip / Cap Two spray nozzles in one. Other tips may also be used.
Proven TurboDrop® Technology Over 17 Years in 40 countries.
Longer Wear Life 20-30,000 acres for TADF
50-80,000 acres for TACDF
Patented Pulsation Dampener Stable, uniform spray pattern across pressure range gives good patternation and coverage.
Widest Variety of Applications Recommended for herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, fertilizers, growth regulators, etc.
More Spray on Target Spray two to four times in one pass.
Approved for Bayer's Liberty herbicide TurboDrop TADF are the only dual fan Venturi nozzle recommended by Bayer for their contact herbicides.

The TurboDrop Asymmetrical DualFan is a revolutionary air injection nozzle design that allows spraying the target two to four times in one pass. The 10 degree forward spray pattern makes slightly smaller droplets than the 50 degree rearward spray pattern. Set up in the standard orientation on the spray boom, the forward spray covers the front side of the target and the rearward spray covers the back side. If every other nozzles is mounted “backwards” on the boom, the result is four distinct spray patterns delivered to the target. The two outer patterns (with the larger droplets) help shield the two inner patterns (with smaller droplets) from the wind. By spraying forward, backwards and down, the TurboDrop DualFan achieves a unique balance of coverage, penetration and drift control not previously possible with any other spray nozzle.

In most sizes, the droplet spectrum is Medium-Coarse below 80 psi and Medium-Fine above 80 psi, making the DualFan nozzle extremely versatile. It can be used in drift-sensitive applications at 30-60+ psi and can be used for coverage-critical applications at 60-120 psi.