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Insect & Pest Control


Keep any pesky pests from getting into your home or yard with the help of Barn Door Ag. We have a giant selection of products that are all designed to keep your house clear from insects, pests, and so much more. You can browse the large selection of herbicides, pesticides, and adjuvants to find a solution that works best for the area that you’re trying to care for.

Try one or try them all, but you can count on our team of professionals to ensure each of them works and yields the results that you’d like to see. Browse the selection of pest control solutions below and place your order online today.

 In addition to our insect and pest control solutions, Barndoor Ag offers an impressive selection of garden hoses, precision farming equipment, grain moisture testers, wind and weather meters, and sprayers and boom kits. All of our products are top of the line, and we’ve maintained a strong reputation by committing ourselves fully to our customers’ satisfaction. We carry some of the best agricultural supply brands on the market including Ag Leader, AgraTronix, Lechler, Kinze, Leon Boots, Lucas Oil, and Manplow. We offer free ground shipping on orders over $75 (with some exclusions), and we even have a parts hotline you can call if you can’t find what you’re looking for.