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Precision Lab MSO Ultra & Surfactant, 2.5 Gallon | 139-25

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Precision Laboratories 139-25 Product Label:
139-25 Product Label
Precision Laboratories 139-25 Safety Data Sheet:
139-25 Safety Data Sheet

Precision Lab MSO Ultra & Surfactant, 2.5 Gallon | 139-25


MSO ULTRA is a proprietary methylated soy oil plus surfactant blend formulated to enhance pesticide performance under a wider range of weather conditions and weed species compared to ordinary crop oils and methylated seed oils.

Features & Benefits:

  • Unique surfactant and methylated soy oil blend delivers higher levels of performance
  • Excellent crop safety for less crop stress
  • Won't deteriorate sprayer hoses and check valves
  • Freeze/thaw stable makes it easy to store
  • Mixes easily in all water conditions

Use with Pesticides Registered for:

  • Agricultural
  • Forestry
  • Industrial
  • Municipal
  • Non-Cropland 
  • Rights-of-way
  • Other appropriate uses
  • NOTE: Not for Aquatic Use

Directions for Use:

The addition of adjuvants to some pesticides and/or fertilizers and their tank mixes may cause phytotoxicity to the foliage and/or fruit of desirable crops. Before using MSO ULTRA, the applicator or crops advisor must have experience with the pesticide combination, including MSO ULTRA, or must have conducted a phytotoxicity test. SHAKE WELL BEFORE USING

Use Rates: 
Per Acre: 1 ¼ to 1 ½ pints (use the higher rate when weeds are under weather stress or at the maximum labeled size for control).
By Volume: 1.0% v/v (1 gallon of MSO ULTRA per 100 gallons of spray solution).

In the absence of specific mixing instructions found on the pesticide label, fill the spray tank with at least 50% of the desired finished carrier volume. When premixing in a mixing vessel or inductor, fill with at least 20% of the desired finished carrier volume. While the carrier is agitating, add tank mix ingredients in the following order:

  1. Compatibility agent and/or antifoam, if needed
  2. AMS, dry formulations (WP, DF, WDG, SP), and dry drift retardants
  3. Dry soluble and suspension fertilizers / micronutrients
  4. Liquid drift retardants and flowable formulations (F & FL)
  5. Liquid concentrates, suspension and microencapsulated (LC, SC, ME)
  6. Emulsifiable concentrates (E, EL or EC)
  7. Solutions and soluble liquids (S or SL)
  8. Liquid micronutrients and fertilizers
  9. Water conditioners and other adjuvants (COC, HSOC, MSO, NIS)
  10. Finish filling to desired spray volume level and continue agitation