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TeeJet 1" Pipe 3 Outlet Multiple Nozzle Body Assembly | 24216A-1-NYB

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TeeJet 1" Pipe 3 Outlet Multiple Nozzle Body Assembly for Wet Applications | 24216A-1-NYB


  • Can be mounted to 1" or equivalent size tubing.
  • Provides three spray positions for easy change of spray tips.
  • Shutoff position provided between each spray position.
  • Features ChemSaver® drip-free shutoff. Requires 10 PSI (0.7 bar) at the nozzle to open check valve.
  • Standard diaphragm of EPDM 
  • Maximum operating pressure of 150 PSI (10 bar).
  • Mounts to a 3/8" (9.5 mm)  hole drilled in pipe or tubing.
  • Flow rate: 1.6 GPM (6.1 l/min) at 5 PSI (0.34 bar) pressure drop, 2.26 GPM (8.6 l/min) at 10 PSI (0.69 bar) pressure drop.

EPDM: An excellent choice for a wide range of chemicals at the most affordable direction.

  • Advantages: Excellent resistance to heat; ozone and sunlight; very good flexibility at low temperatures; good resistance to alkalis, acids and oxygenated solvents; superior resistance to water and steam; excellent color stability.
  • Limitations: Poor resistance to oil; gasoline and hydrocarbon solvents; adhesion to fabrics and metal is poor.
  • Temperature Rating: -6°F to 300°F