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TeeJet Flow Regulator Orifice Plate | CP4916-120

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Orifice Plate Documentation:

TeeJet Flow Regulator Orifice Plate | CP4916-120

Stainless Steel restriction orifice plate is a device used to restrict flow. It reduces flow and pressure from the upstream side to the downstream side. 

CP4916-120 will allow water/chemical of .629 at 5 psi - 2.18 at 60 psi Gallons Per Minute

To determine the orifice plates you need, use the following equations:

GPM (Per Nozzle) = GPA x MPH x W / 5,940

GPM = 5,940 x GPM (Per Nozzle) / MPH x W

Tabulated flow rates are for spraying water into air at atmospheric pressure. If your application creates backpressure, or if spraying into a liquid, measure and calibrate to ensure proper application rates.

W = Nozzle spacing (in inches) for broadcast spraying.
   = Spray width (in inches) for single nozzle, band spraying or boomless spraying.
   = Row spacing (in inches) divided by the number of nozzles per row for directed spraying.

Note: Always insert orifice plate with side marked with number facing the outlet.  Always double check your application rates. Tabulations are based on spraying water at 70°F.