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3 Things to Know About the Ag Leader InCommand 800 Guidance System

3 Things to Know About the Ag Leader InCommand 800 Guidance System

Oct 3rd 2023

The sounds of goats echo as you survey your thriving cornfields. This is your office and life. It feels like paradise, and you're not the only one who feels this way.

Research shows that the US had more than two million farms in 2021. Many people own farms today because ongoing agricultural innovations have enabled single farmers and families to effectively manage more animals and acres.

One of these innovations is the Ag Leader InCommand 800, a guidance system designed to make farming more efficient. Let's explore three things about this technology and how it helps farmers.

1. It Supports Precision Farming

The Ag Leader InCommand 800 is a convenient precision farming device. Precision farming involves using data to enhance your agricultural production. Data regarding the following are collected and analyzed to optimize your yield and control your costs:

  • Pests
  • Crops
  • Soil
  • Weather

These data may be obtained through computers, satellites, drones, sensors, and GPS. You can use this information to make more educated farming decisions, like where crops should be planted and when to irrigate them.

Ag Leader InCommand 800 Precision Farming Features

Your Ag Leader InCommand 800's precision tools include machine control. This feature lets you use sensors and GPS to guide farm machines along predefined patterns or paths. It'll improve efficiency by reducing overlap and save you fuel and time.

Another InCommand 800 feature is the SeedCommand™ planting control. Use this feature to manage the planting process, including seeding multiple areas simultaneously while reducing waste.

You'll love the device's DirectCommand™ application control feature. It's designed to help you control where and when products like fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides (granular or liquid) are applied.

The Ag Leader InCommand 800 also offers yield monitoring. Farmers use this feature to measure their crops' moisture and yield when harvesting them. Yield monitoring can help farmers understand how their crops perform across fields and varieties (e.g., rice varieties include long- and short-grain).

2. It's a High-Tech Display Technology

The Ag Leader InCommand 800 features an 8.4-inch, full-color farming display. This touchscreen display features home screen apps and WiFi capability. You may even sync its maps and data with an iPad to send important data to your tablet.

3. It Grows With You

Your Ag Leader InCommand 800 is designed to grow with your farm. It'll accommodate your changing needs if you expand your operations and generate greater crop yields. You may pair it with the AG Leader InCommand 1200's display to enjoy more advanced features, like satellite imagery and split-screen capabilities.

Pair the InCommand 800 With LevAlert

Use the Ag Leader InCommand 800 alongside the LevALERT, a grain gauge used to monitor bin levels from the ground. This device eliminates the need to climb a bin ladder, which can be dangerous and time-consuming. The InCommand 800 and LevAlert are both simple to use, reliable, and highly visible.

Get the Ag Leader InCommand 800

The Ag Leader InCommand 800 can help you manage your farm's operations more accurately and precisely. It uses GPS to guide your farm machines along the correct paths and can help you apply fertilizer and seeds efficiently.

This device also comes with a user-friendly display. Another benefit of the Ag Leader InCommand 800 is that you can use it for a small or big farm.

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