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How to Pick the Best Moisture Tester for a Successful Harvest Season

How to Pick the Best Moisture Tester for a Successful Harvest Season

Sep 7th 2023

By the time harvest season rolls around, farmers have spent all year tilling, sowing, irrigating, and cultivating their crops. However, all that hard work, time, and money can be wasted because of too much or too little moisture. When it’s time to harvest, the only way to ensure your crop is ready for storage is with the best moisture testing equipment.

There’s no room for guesswork when it comes to crop storage. By investing in a quality moisture tester, harvesters can spend less time worrying about their profit margin and more time preparing for the next planting season.

Moisture Testers Save Farmers Time and Money at Harvest Time

Moisture levels are a crucial factor to consider before storing grain or hay. If the crop retains too much moisture at harvest time, it will spoil and grow mold once stored. If the crop is too dry, the quality and nutritional value will decline. Without the right balance, you’ll end up with more work, higher fuel costs, and lost revenue.

Depending on rainfall, irrigation, and temperature, crop moisture levels can fluctuate — so using a moisture tester helps farmers to eliminate the guesswork. Hay moisture testers and grain moisture testers are efficient, accurate, and easy to use. With an affordable and convenient moisture tester, you can prevent spoilage, avoid extra drying costs and ensure profit margins by storing at the optimal moisture level.

Finding the Best Moisture Tester for Your Crop Type

When considering which moisture tester is the best fit, farmers should consider these questions:

  • What grain does the model test?

You want to pick a grain moisture tester that matches your harvest type. Review the list of grains for that model to make sure the grain moisture tester will be able to test your specific crop type.

  • What is the moisture range for each model?

Acceptable moisture levels vary between crops, so having a large range on your moisture tester is essential. By selecting a model with a larger range, you can see how far off your crop is from its ideal moisture level.

  • What is the accurate percentage of each model?

Accuracy is crucial when picking a moisture tester. If your moisture tester is less accurate, you’ll end up storing grain that is too wet or too dry to sell. For grains like corn that have a standard moisture level for storing, a moisture tester that is more than 1% inaccurate is going to affect crop quality and profit.

Ensuring Maximum Accuracy of Each Hay or Grain Moisture Test

While most moisture testers are highly accurate, there are some key steps to ensure the most accurate read.

  1. Replace batteries frequently
  2. Test each grain sample at least three times
  3. Calculate the average between the samples
  4. Compare your average results with your mill or grain elevator’s moisture meter

If the difference between the averages is more than 1.0 point for dry grain or 1.5 for wet grain, you will need to get your grain moisture meter serviced.

Barndoor Ag’s Top Picks: Essential Moisture Testers

When it comes to the best moisture testers for farmers, we recommend AgraTronix. For more than 30 years, AgraTronix has produced innovative technology for the agriculture industry. Their goal is to provide portable and accurate tech at an affordable price. Several of their testers offer multilingual options, as well as LCD displays and USB compatibility.

Our Best Grain Moisture Testers

AgraTronix:Ag-MAC PLUS

No. 30100

  • 20 different grain scale
  • Moisture Range: 6% to 45%
  • Accuracy: ±0.3%


No. 08125

  • 40 different grain scale
  • Moisture Range: 5% to 40%
  • Accuracy: ±0.5%


No. 05100

  • 40 different grain scale
  • Moisture Range: 5% to 40%
  • Accuracy: ±0.5%


No. 08155

  • 16 different grain scales
  • Moisture Range: 5%-40%
  • Accuracy: ±0.5%

Our Best Hay Moisture Testers

AgraTronix:HT-PRO Probe-Style Hay Moisture Tester

No: 07120-20”Probe, 07121-10”Probe

  • 10” and 20” probe lengths
  • Moisture Range: 8%-44% depending on hay tested
  • Accurate throughout the normal range of stored, bailed hay

AgraTronix:HST-1 Advanced Hay, Straw and Silage Tester with Density Compensation

No. 07105

  • 20” stainless steel
  • Moisture range: 8%-72%
  • Accurate throughout the normal range of stored, bailed hay

AgraTronix:BHT-1 Baler Mounted Unit

No. 07150

  • Moisture range: 8% to 40% depending on baler type
  • Accurate throughout the normal range of stored, bailed hay


No. 07140

  • Moisture range: 13% to 70% depending on the hay tested
  • ± 2% to 4% accuracy

Ensure a successful harvest season by investing in a moisture tester today. At Barndoor Ag, we’ve got a wide selection of moisture testers for you to choose from. Need help finding the best fit? Please contact our team at 660-886-9570.