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Anhydrous Graphics Anhydrous Ammonia (Curved) Decal | 48235G

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Anhydrous Graphics Anhydrous Ammonia (Curved) Decal | 48235G

Need a hazard sign to indicate the presence of anhydrous ammonia? Purchase this green and white hazardous material sign.

  • This sign features the words “anhydrous ammonia”, serving as a warning.
  • This hazard sign is curved and perfect for placing on any object containing this hazardous material.
  • Utilize this hazardous material sign to help keep your farm or ranch safe.

The safety of anyone working on your farm or ranch is of the utmost importance to you. That is why we carry all the hazard signs you need to ensure everyone is aware of dangerous chemicals. If you have any containers filled with anhydrous ammonia, be sure you purchase this hazard sign to warn everyone of danger.

Not all hazardous chemicals are visible to the naked eye. Fortunately, posting hazardous material signs reminds everyone in your facility to use proper protective gear and follow established safety procedures when breathing the air can be harmful. Find all your hazard signs through our online store today.


  • Four-inch letters
  • Curved anhydrous ammonia decal
  • Green on white