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Anhydrous Graphics Slow Moving Vehicle Decal | 48125-A

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Anhydrous Graphics Slow Moving Vehicle Decal | 48125-A

Do you operate a tractor or other slow-moving vehicle? Purchase this hazard triangle to indicate your vehicle’s speed.

  • This hazard sign indicates that the vehicle in operation is slow-moving.
  • Place this hazard triangle on the back of tractors and other slow-moving vehicles to ensure safety when utilizing roadways.
  • This hazard triangle is designed to be eye-catching and bright to improve safety.

When you operate a slow-moving vehicle, such as a tractor, there are times you have to enter roadways. When you do so, you want to ensure you are safe and that people notice you on the road. This decal will help indicate that you are operating a slow-moving vehicle to ensure that others on the road give you the necessary space.

Purchase this hazard triangle and other important hazard signs through our online store to keep your farm or ranch operating smoothly and safely. By posting the right signs around your property and on your equipment, you can cut down on preventable accidents.


  • Slow-moving vehicle decal
  • 13.5-inch triangle