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Anhydrous Graphics Caution & First Aid Decal | 48115

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Anhydrous Graphics Caution & First Aid  Decal | 48115

Want to post important information about anhydrous ammonia? Check out this safety hazard sign.

  • This red decal is designed to provide a warning about anhydrous ammonia and to indicate emergency first aid.
  • Place this hazard sign anywhere that anhydrous ammonia is present to ensure everyone knows the proper procedure for use.
  • This safety hazard sign contains detailed information about handling this chemical and what to do in the case of an emergency.

Keeping everyone at your facility safe is of extreme importance. Utilizing the right safety hazard signs will go a long way in ensuring this happens. This decal is particularly useful as it gives a detailed explanation of how to properly handle anhydrous ammonia and what to do if liquid or vapors of the product come into contact with eyes or skin.

Utilize the proper hazard signs around your property, paired with excellent training, to ensure everyone can stay safe. Not all chemicals are visible to the naked eye, which is what makes these safety hazard signs so vital. Purchase a set today.


  • Three (3) pieces
  • Red on white
  • 11.875 inches x 12.875 inches overall