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Anhydrous Graphics Wear Your Goggles Decal | 1465

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Anhydrous Graphics Wear Your Goggles Decal | 1465

Do you have areas of your facility where goggles should be worn? Indicate this with a safety hazard sign.

  • This safety hazard sign warns readers that they should be wearing goggles in the area.
  • This sign is the perfect way to ensure everyone understands hidden risks from hazardous chemicals that are invisible to the naked eye.
  • Place this decal in any location where you want safety procedures to be followed.

Ensuring that your busy facility remains safe is extremely important. Posting the right safety hazard signs will go a long way in preventing accidents on your property. This sign clearly and simply indicates that goggles need to be worn in the area. Pairing this with the right hazardous material signs can ensure that everyone understands the risks of chemicals in the area.

If you utilize any hazardous chemicals on your property, be sure you are posting the right signs to warn everyone of their presence. Browse our wide array of hazardous signs to ensure that your farm or ranch is equipped with everything needed to keep those at work safe.


  • Features white words “Wear Your Goggles”
  • Six by four inches