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Agricultural Chemicals

Don’t let pests like aphids or termites eat up your garden, especially if you rely on valuable crops on your property. And, whatever you do, don’t let invasive crabgrass and other weeds steal water, sunlight, and soil nutrients from the plants you work to protect. Turn to agricultural chemical products below for prevention. The ultimate defense for plants of all shapes and sizes is available from Barndoor AG.

We offer herbicides, insecticides, pesticides, and other agricultural chemical products including specialized adjuvants to increase the efficacy of these treatments. Most products are available in spray form, which is the ideal method for applying chemicals to your garden or fields safely. These products are all extremely effective in protecting vital plants and acting as weed and grass killer. In fact, they're so effective that they have decorative landscaping uses, not just agricultural applications. Many of our products from top brands like Drexel, the go-to specialists in agricultural chemicals, are hard to find, but Barndoor Ag has plenty in stock. In addition, we offer Fome-Kil to help your agrichemical be applied properly, and it prevents foaming and wasted chemicals.

Be sure to explore our vast agrochemical selection, or contact us for assistance finding the right product for your farm, garden, lawn, and more.